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Golandaj Movie Download for Free 2021 – 720p Hd Rip

Golandaj Movie Download for Free

Q: It is heard that after Covid, the audience will return to the cinema hall?

Dev: This time Nagendra Prasad Adhikari has risen from the pages of history in Pujo. No one knew him. He likes people. After the release of Golandaj Movie , a few theaters are full in every show. As it used to be. Looks good.

Golandaj Movie Download for Free

Q: Is this the same success you had in ‘Mountain of the Moon’ or ‘Amazon Expedition’?

Dev: To be honest I got more than that. In this extreme, people have come to see Bengali films. The road is quite empty in this bar pujo. Local train off. Those who came from outside to see the pictures, they could not come. 

The auditorium is filled with fifty percent of all this. Is it less talk? No one in Corona dared to bring big pictures to the theater. In one week, Golandaj movie has done business with over 50 million seats and over Rs 2 crore. If this money came with 50 percent of the seats, then where would the dividends go if there were 100 percent seats?

Q: In Corona, a movie called ‘Master’ has become very popular in South India.

Dev: Yes. At this time ‘Master’, a Punjabi film and ‘Golandaj’ are running. So many Bollywood movies have been released at this time. Despite this, people have seen Bengali films like ‘Golandaj’ in theaters. It’s a huge find. This time, those who did not have the courage to bring big budget pictures to the theaters, I think they will think of releasing pictures. At first, someone had to do this. And if a production company like SVF doesn’t do that, then who will? I would like to say one more thing to the audience through Anandabazar Online.

Q: Tell me.

Dev: My and Dhruv Bandyopadhyay’s parents saw ‘Golandaj’ on the day of release. Many days have passed. To this day, neither I nor Dhruv’s parents have done it. It is not a matter of pride. I gave the example for a reason. 

If people think they shouldn’t do it when they go to the theater, but they don’t. One person is going somewhere other than the theater. If that person just says don’t go to the theater, that’s not right. However, the visitors who have brought two crore business with the identity of courage, their Kurnish. I am not saying that I have acted myself, everyone should see this film. Many people have told me that they like this movie better than ‘Moon Hill’. Everyone should watch ‘Golandaj’ in theaters. This is not a picture to be seen on the small screen.

Defense: People have not seen the picture in the theater for so long. Watching this time. Will there be a new tide in Bengali film?

Dev: Yes. People of all ages from young to old are enjoying watching pictures in theaters. I’m sure they will see a movie like ‘Tonic’ this time too. Just think how many theaters were closed. How many people could not eat.

Q: What’s the best feeling about Golandaj Movie ?

Dev: The day before the release of ‘Golandaj’ on the 10th, I got a call from a theater owner. He told me, ‘Dada Pujo will do me good. This time I am going to buy Pujo clothes with the children. All the seats of ‘Golandaj’ were filled. ’After that I heard that the seats of‘ Golandaj ’were full in that auditorium. What could be better than this!

Defense: Well, there are more pictures. Pictures of Jit, Koel, Ankush.

Dev: It doesn’t matter how many pictures came in this puja. How many visitors came is important.

Defense: How did you do the rest of the pictures?

Dev: I can’t say I don’t know. I don’t have news.

Q: Really?

Dev: Yes. I was busy with ‘artillery’.

Golandaj Movie Download for Free

Q: Isha-Deb’s chemistry has caught the eye of the audience.

Dev: Director Dhruv’s achievement. At first I thought who knows how Isha will do. Do not agree with us! The picture broke all thoughts. Now I am thinking of the next pictures.

Q: What if it’s a ‘tonic’ at Christmas?

Dev: Yes. And now I am preparing myself for the people around me.

Q: People nearby! When are you getting married?

Dev: I talked about the picture. ‘People nearby’.

Q: No, I want to know the news of people close to you. Rukmini is in Mumbai.

Dev: It doesn’t matter if Rukmini is close to me or not, whether Rukmini is in Mumbai or not. Rukmini did so well in Mumbai. Her ‘craze’ has become very popular in OT. The two of us are having a great time at work. Rukmini has ‘Sanak’, I have ‘Golandaj’. A Bengali girl has done such a good job in Mumbai – I am very proud. Dev Entertainment brought him in for the first time. It’s good to see his success. Dev will give frankly about Golandaj Movie , marriage and Rukmini.

Q: Get married this time.

Dev: It’s more breaking up now than getting married! The key is to have a good, healthy relationship at this time. Rukmini and I are fine. Please don’t force marriage from outside. Is it better to get married? It is more important to have respect for both.

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Golandaj Movie Story :

The story of the film is based on the biopic of India’s first football player Nagendra Prasad. It showed how looking at English teaches you how to play football. And then plays a match with Angrejo and defeats him. And with that came the popularity of football in Bengal and India.

Golandaj Movie Download for Free

It has been seen inside this film that how English people use Indians. Those people play football and if any Indian would watch the game of those people, then those people used to torture and own us Indians a lot.

You have done your duty by saying eh so that you can see our games. Seeing all this, Nagendra Prasad started playing football to take revenge on him, and seeing this, the English felt bad and warned him that he should play the game, or else it will not be good for him.

But Nagendra Prasad was stubborn and didn’t believe it, seeing that Angrejo used the short felt of playing a match. And it was said if you beat us in a football match then you can play football and if you lose you will never be able to touch football.

Nagendra Prasad united the people of Eh Sharat Manali and the village and asked them to play the match. At first, everyone was thinking and fearing but Nagendra Prasad made everyone agree to compromise and play the match.
In this game, he not only defeats the Englishman but also throws the pride of the Englishman high.